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What are we learning this term?

Term 4 2024

This term in we are focusing on the curriculum area of Expressive Arts and Design. We will be learning to imitate movements and make up our own when joining in with songs, music and rhymes.

We will be creating with a variety of tools and resources, and in Oak room we will learning about creating and persevering, through reading Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall. In Willow room the children will exploring colour and colour mixing, and reading Colour and Me by Michaela Dias-Hayes.


Find out what else we will be learning in Oak room and Willow room. Paper copies are available form your child's key person.


Term 3 2024

This term we are learning to create and tell stories of our own. We will be using story maps and props at story time and continuing to think about characters, settings, problems and solutions in our Tales Toolkit sessions. Our mathematical focus is around pattern. Find out more about what we are learning in Oak room and Willow room.

Term 2 2023

This term we are developing our number confidence through exploring mathematical resources, singing number songs and looking at number stories, such as Ten Black Dots, One Mole Digging a Hole and Ten in the Bed. We will also be introducing Tools Toolkit, which will give the children the tools they need to independently create their own stories. Find out more about what we are learning in Oak room and Willow room.

Term 1 2023

Our main focus this term has been to successfully settle the new children and re-settle the returning children. 

The children have been getting to know their key person, finding out which key group they are in and developing their group area and notice board with photos of their families. Which key group is your child in? Are they in blue, yellow, red or green group.

We have a daily story time after lunch. Our core books this term focus on personal, social and emotional development (PSED) and the topics of feelings, separation, making friends and starting school. We are reading  Owl Babies with the important message that mummy always comes back and A Bit Lost. We have introduced story maps to help the children re-tell the stories.

The good weather has helped us to make the most of the outdoor environment. The children have been developing their gross motor skills, alongside lots of sensory exploration, particularly in the mud kitchen. The classroom names, Willow and Oak, have prompted learning about the different trees in the garden. We have been exploring the fruits and seeds from the plants and trees and using found natural objects to enhance our learning both outside and inside. The children have been excited to pop open the spiky horse chestnut cases to discover the smooth, shiny conkers inside and staff have been modelling a variety of descriptive language to help the children talk about what they see and feel. We used the conkers for painting, sorting, counting, rolling and enhancing playdough and clay creations.

It has been lovely to see how well the children have settled and we look forward to sharing more of their learning with you next term.


Term 5 2023

This term in we are learning to use fine and gross movements with confidence, purpose and joy. In Oak room we are reading We're going on a Bear Hunt and exploring and making maps. Find out more here.

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