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Learning and Teaching

What We Believe

We believe that young children learn through play, investigating, exploring, socialising, and communicating their ideas. 


We encourage children to become familiar with the surroundings of our settings which 'becomes their little world'. 

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve their success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.

Nelson Mandela

Staff plan stimulating, varying and exciting opportunities for learning, and display their plans for parents to see. We follow the guidelines specified within the Early Years Foundation Stage and feel that children learn best when they are actively involved, interested and are doing - not just listening or watching for long periods of time.


We promote play opportunities for indoors and outside which focuses on developing language, mathematics, early reading techniques, science, logical learning, imagination, spiritual, moral and cultural awareness, creativity, physical development, appreciation of the natural world and furthers socialisation skills.


We also provide opportunities for children to share, express their own ideas, learn from each other, cooperate with each other, and ensure children respect and tolerate each other to become confident independent learners, supporting them become future good citizens in Britain.


We get to know each child's interests and understand that each child is 'unique'. Sometimes we provide opportunities for children to learn as individuals, sometimes children are grouped and sometimes they are taught as a whole class. Our environment is made safe and attractive and is designed to appeal to young learners. 

School Readiness

We promote a programme aimed at ensuring children are fully ready to begin primary school.


We aim that children are toilet trained, are self-confident and can act independently and when within a  small and larger group, can behave well and respect people in a learning environment.

Close working with primary academies and schools has enabled us to share attainment data and we are taking part in a pilot project aimed at improving the transition between nursery and reception classes. 

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