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Our values and ethos

Little Hayes and Speedwell Nursery Schools Federation is a learning community where children, families and staff learn with and from each other in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration.


'Learning and growing together' 


We believe:


  • In providing an environment where all children and families feel safe and secure both physically and emotionally 

  • In nurturing the creative capacity of all our children, families and staff 

  • In the rights of children and families to first class support and learning opportunities 

  • In having high aspirations and encouraging children and families to have confidence and belief in themselves 

  • In developing positive attitudes and behaviours that will support lifelong learning 

  • In listening to children and families and making sure these voices are visible in our everyday practice  

  • In promoting equality of opportunity for all our children and families by respecting and valuing differences and by celebrating the common fundamental values that we share 

  • In a commitment to challenge discrimination of any kind 

  • In breaking down any possible barriers to learning to ensure that children and families reach their full potential 

  • In supporting children and families to have healthy lifestyles 

  • In looking after and respecting our environments.

Little Hayes and Speedwell Nursery Schools Federation will:

  • Be friendly and welcoming to all

  • Provide high quality teaching with creative and challenging learning experiences

  • Ensure children have time to explore and develop their ideas and interests

  • Build strong relationships between home and school and encourage families to feel involved in their child's learning

  • Be actively involved in the local community and value its diversity

  • Create a secure, stimulating environment

  • Value and develop everyone's ideas, experiences and individuality

  • Provide strong foundations for future learning and success for all

  • Challenge discrimination and prejudice of any kind.

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